Virtual Worlds For Adults – 3D Sex

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Virtual Worlds For Adults – 3D Sex
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3D Sex is a new online virtual world created for adults. If you are looking to have some dirty fun, act out your erotic fantasies with random people from all over the web, or just want to hangout with friends and enjoy their company in a tropical paradise – this game is a perfect solution. There aren’t that many decent adult MMOs out there (actually just a couple worth mentioning), and this one is definitely worth your time and attention. The game reminds Second Life in many ways, but with sex available everywhere you go. While most such games try to hide it between the layers of social gameplay and real life simulation, 3D Sex is not shy about it. It is what it is.

3D Sex is developed by Virtual Encounters Inc., the company that isn’t focused solely on games – they also provide new solutions for business and education based on virtual reality technology (which they think is the future of the Internet). 3D Sex is one of their first projects. For it they have licenced technology from Utherverse (Red Light Center and Virtual Vancouver). Utherverse Digital is the company behind the so-called Virtual World Web (VWW) platform – an interconnected web of 3D communities created with the use of their own software, which they license to anyone who wishes to build their own worlds and make them part of the network. 3D Sex has been officially launched this summer (July 2012 to be more exact) after a long beta testing period.

The virtual world consists of four different tropic island resorts. Each island is packed with multiple indoor and outdoor dance clubs, bars, lounges, pool houses, nude beaches, hotels and live cams.

Main Resort is the game’s most popular location for general public where people meet and get to know each other. It is available for free, while other islands are open to VIP players only.
Fetish Resort is for people with more “sophisticated” interests and tastes.
Gay Resort is the place to go if you prefer men over women.
Swingers Resort is where you bring your significant other to do a swap and experience all your craziest fantasies.

As you can see, the game offers a good variety of fun for people of all orientations and interests.

What else makes 3D Sex stand out among other products of such kind is it’s in-depth customization system, endless supply of content (from both community members and the developers) and, of course, economy. You can create and design you own Virtual Spot (3DSex’s private apartments) and invite other players to visit, throw parties, etc. Change the looks of your avatar anyway you like – there are dozens of clothing items and accessories available for you to choose from. There is also a huge bank of user-created clothing & textures. Some are free, but premium textures will cost you Clams (that’s how the in-game currency is called). You can also upload your own creations, and start selling or gifting them to your friends. You can earn Clams and spend them to buy various things such as customization items, stuff for your virtual spot, etc. If you run low on Clams, you can buy them in various quantities for real money. Clams can also be transferred between players as tips or payments for various things (for asking a player to have sex with you or performing a private dance, for example).

To have sex with other people you are required to have a VIP subscription. There are tons of positions available to choose from and you can cycle through and change them anytime during the action.

The controls are pretty basic. Use the W,A,S,D or the for arrow keys to walk (hold the left mouse button to move your avatar in the direction the avatar is facing), the Control key to run and the Space bar to jump. Hold the right mouse button to rotate the camera.

The graphics are more than satisfying for an MMO, the game looks great and avatars have anatomically correct bodies and animations, all actions (including sex, of course) look quite realistic and believable.

Minimum System Requirements for running 3DSex:

● Processor / CPU – Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Equivalent
● Operating System – Windows 7 / Vista / XP
● RAM – 2 GB
● Hard Disk Installation – 3 GB (the total installation is around 1GB but we require additional space to decompress the files during installation)
● DirectX – DirectX® version 9.0c
● Video Card – Geforce 6 or higher. With 128 MB recommended.
● Sound Card – DirectX® 9 certified sound card
● Connection – Multiplayer via Internet DSL or Cable High Speed Internet DSL or Cable High Speed Internet

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